About our agency

Our Vision

As industry leaders, we make our own path, setting up a strategy that’s the best for us and all of our clients instead of following in the steps of our competitors.

Short Story About Our Company

Edigisales reinvents the very concept of search engine marketing. We work in a fashion that is both technical and creative. There are no problems we can’t solve. We are a team of experienced specialists and we place great emphasis on the results of search engine marketing campaigns. We do all this so that our clients can all get exactly what they need.
  1. Nov, 2011
    Foundation of the Company
  2. Aug, 2012
    Completed 10 Projects
  3. Oct, 2016
    Expanded to US & Pakistan
  4. Feb, 2018
    Won Our First Award
  5. Nov, 2020
    Become Top Rated Agency on Upwork
  6. May, 2022
    Served 500+ Clients
Excellent Support
We are available, attentive and caring
Awesome Team
We are both technical and creative
Faster Performance
We’re not just another agency – we are your outsourced search marketing team